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Delivering assurance


This nationwide Logistics business was in an expansion phase after reconstruction. The four Owner Directors each held 25% of the shares.


The Owner Directors had the classic problem: if one of them were to die, how could the continuing Owners be assured 100% control … yet make a fair payment to the family of a deceased colleague?

The company had a relatively low equity base. This raised the question of distributable funds being sufficient in the event of a buy-back.


FAB put in place a ‘two-part combo’ with £10m of protection: £4m in the form of Share Insurance supported by a Cross Option Agreement; £6m in the form of Director Protection held in Trust.

This assured control to continuing Owners… and reassured the Directors that their own family had certainty of protection, held in Trust, should they die at ‘the wrong time’.

Sums Assured: £10 million

Lives Assured: 4